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Branching out from our visual based resources, we have now developed and fine-tuned in-house customised trainings and public workshops to meet the needs of our target audience. Our workshops are offered via online and onsite.

We have had an increasing demand for specialized training and have successfully carried it out where participants have said to have great takeaways and enjoy the workshop for the trainer and the training!

Certification in Artistic Therapy
  • Drama Therapy

  • Clay Therapy

  • Sand-play Therapy

  • Play Therapy

  • Colour Therapy

Profession Development Workshop
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Artistic Therapy (AT)

  • Trauma- based Sandplay Therapy

  • Engaging Special Needs with Art Therapy

Visual-based therapeutic tools workshop
  • Managing Anxiety

  • Cars R Us Set

  • Contemplation Cards

  • River, Roads and Train Cards

  • Self-care Cards

Other workshops
  • Journeying with Genogram Timelines and Strength Cards

  • Symbols for Mental Health

  • LEGO Brick based counselling


All training

Certification in Artistic Therapies

Our Artistic Therapy certificate gives you a good grounding of the different modules in Art from Sand, Play, Colour, Clay and Drama & Movement. It is Practical and Intervention focused with case notes management.  Participants found it very useful and relevant to their area of work.    Following the completion of 4 modules, you will be awarded The Certification in Artistic Therapy by Sophia College, Australia. With this, you will have the opportunity to explore further your areas of interest and take you a step further towards the Diploma in Holistic Counselling. 

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Drama & Movement Therapy

Drama Therapy uses sound theatre techniques to facilitate personal growth and promote mental health in individuals and groups. The use of theatrical interventions such as role-play, theatre games, group-dynamic games, mime and dance movement helps a client explore unhealthy personal patterns of behaviours, interpersonal interactions, solve a problem and achieve catharsis.

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Clay Work Therapy

Clay Work Therapy is an expressive therapy that allows you to create a safe and protected space for clients to promote healing and positive change. It allows client to experience using clay as the medium to work on their issues. Using a Casework Approach will demonstrate clear processes for diagnosis, intervention and evaluation.

Sand Play Therapy

Sand Play is a non-verbal, non-threatening symbolic way of expressing difficult experiences and emotions. It allows you to experience using sand as the medium to work with your clients on their issues. It activates the individual’s natural self-healing capacity and aids in Neuro development.

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Play Therapy

Play Therapy adopting a casework approach demonstrates clear processes for diagnosis, intervention and evaluation. A non-judgmental approach that eencourages clients to express their feelings, experiences and cognitive functioning.

Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy is a powerful non-verbal, visual sensory tool to work with clients’ blocked emotions such as anger, grief and loss, fear, anxiety  and depression. It helps to transform exhaustion into vitality and replenishes joy and strength.

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Trauma-based Sandplay Therapy

Trauma Informed Sandplay directed sequences are concise, focused and transformative using repeatable sequences for a range of traumatic clinical presentations such as substance addictions, cutting, depression, grief  and suicide ideation. The structured sequences facilitate the processing, release and transformation of trauma and promote mental health recovery for clients.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Artistic Therapy (AT)

Based on the book by Dr Sherwood, each section of the training focuses on the core tenets of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). These sequences are particularly suitable for children and adolescents who have low levels of verbal skills or are non-communicative.

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Engaging Special Needs through Art Therapy

An engaging and holistic experience that addresses the needs of  SN children (Autism, ADHD, ADD and Sensory processing disorders) and their different learning levels through various Art Therapy mediums.

Lego-Brick based Counselling

This workshop is designed to provide participants with a fundamental understanding of a variety of innovative techniques and activities for incorporating LEGO landing ® bricks into your individual, small group, and virtual counselling sessions.

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Managing Anxiety with Visual Tools and Experiential Approaches

This workshop offers simple, fun, clinically-proven strategies for managing anxious thoughts by entering the ‘control room’ of your mind. With experiential approaches, participants will be able to identify which techniques work best for their clients or maybe even for themselves.

Journeying with Genogram Timelines and Strength Cards

An experiential workshop focusing on how we can journey with those who consult with us. Through the use of Genograms and Timelines, the workshop will get participants to see how Strengths Cards can be used to add a different perspective to the journeys our “clients” embark upon with us accompanying them.

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Using Symbols for Mental Health

The workshop will demonstrate on how we can use our personal symbols to support and improve Mental Well being. Participants will be guided through the process and stages for creating their own personalized symbol work.

Visual-based Therapeutic Tools - River, Roads and Trains

This workshop uses the River, Roads and Trains cards as visual metaphoric tool for creating conversational pathways to work towards addressing issues like depression, stress, anger, anxiety, grief and loss.

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Visual-based Therapeutic Tools – Cars R Us

Cars ‘R’ Us is an engaging tool designed to help young people and adults to tackle negative thoughts and attributions while strengthening their internal locus of control. Modelled on Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, it is popular with psychologists, counsellors and coaches all over the world. Choice Theory posits that we cannot control others’ behaviours but our own.

Visual-based Therapeutic Tools– Contemplation Cards

The workshop explores deep-set issues such as anxiety and depression for individuals, couples & families using various types of psychological framework to generate conversation that help to strengthen working relationship with clients.

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Visual-based Therapeutic Tools – Self-Care Cards

In this workshop, participants will learn practical guided strategies on how to use visual therapeutic tools to reflect and strengthen wellbeing of their clients and for themselves as People Helpers. 


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