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About Us


Relational Resources started off 11 years ago in a humble backroom carrying a small range of resources to support our training arm. We have since grown to be a household brand among those in the helping profession. We are a Social Enterprise and have expanded to offer a wide range of Visual-based Resources and Training for the helping profession.


Our business model is DIFFERENT; for never SELL to our buyers. We take time to understand our clients’ needs and work with them to acquire the resources THEY  need- be it at work or for personal use. We also suggest “possibilities”.  We make it a point to let our clients have hands on feel of the  tools/ resources before purchase. Hence it is no surprise that out business model is based on satisfied repeat clients.


Our physical specialty store not only allows customers to browse through our various resources such cards, books, games posters and stickers but also to seek our consultants for guidance on various methods of application. 


Working closely with our respected partners, we have taken our relationship further to also offer specialized training to meet our clients’ needs. These training include public workshops and customized in-house workshops. Apart from that, we also offer expert follow-up sessions.

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We love what we do and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on and with every person we communicate with. Relational Resources is driven by a passionate group of people who would go above and beyond for our clients. If you want a partner who cares about your needs and what you’re looking for, then we are the right people for you.

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We Listen

We listen, we discuss, we advise based on your ideas, plans and objectives. We take the time to understand your needs and areas of work before suggesting suitable resources / trainings.

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Our team members/consultants have collectively many years of knowledge and experience in the field of

Social Work. Counselling, Education and Organizational Psychology.

Our Consultant

Our Consultants

At Relational Resources, we believe in going an extra mile to understand our customers’ needs and providing value-added services to meet these needs. Our qualified consultants/trainer have a minimum of 5 years’ experience and knowledge in this area and from different industrials. We are proud to have a distinguished team of Industry Specialists, Former Teachers, Retired Principal and Counsellors in our team. We provide free consultations and hands-on demonstrations of our resources and work collaboratively with customers to help them find the most suitable resources.


Artistic Therapy Certification Programme
  • Colour therapy – “Kudos to trainer and Relational Resources Team for the preparation till execution. Thank you. Dr Sherwood is amazing as always and thank you all for bringing her in!’’

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  • Sand Play Therapy – “So helpful, so excited to try this out, feel much more prepared to work with certain ages and issues now. Great tool for toolbox! Enjoy the friendliness and hospitality of the staffs.”

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  • Drama and Movement Therapy – “Insightful, practical, enhances therapeutic toolkit. Great useful tips shared by the traine. I would like to thank the facilitators from relational resources as well - they were very enthusiastic and extremely professional throughout the workshop. Looking forward to more!”

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  • Clay work Therapy – “This workshop is very powerful. Personally, and through this course have worked out many kinks in my own life that I’ve never took time to explore before- it has improved my ability to communicate with my family and deal with my emotions! Thank you!”

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  • Play Therapy – “This workshop not only allowed me to have a good introduction to play therapy but also increased my confidence to apply the skills and knowledge in a very practical manner. I loved Dr.Sherwood’s assessment and learning the range of techniques that can help with externalization hence helping the client feel safe.”

Professional Development Training
  • Art therapy for Special Needs children & Youth – “Helps me in working with students with sensory issues and selective mutism. To support expression of emotions. Overall, the hands-on is really engaging although it was an online session, good job to your team”

professional CBT.jpg
  • Trauma based Sand Play Therapy – “The training has helped to structure my session using directive sand play on clients with self-harm and suicide ideation issues.”

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  • CBT & AT Therapy – “The trainer is very knowledgeable and engaging. Learnt new ways of engaging my pupils. I liked the combination of CBT approach to Art. (:”

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Other Training
  • LEGO Brick based training – “It was very exciting for me to learn strategies that brick-base counselling offers to integrate into the art making process. Yet, another wonderful and enriching learning experience with Relational Resources”.

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  • Christian based Symbol training to support Mental Health – “Spiritual resource is often untapped but can be a potent one to help people in need. This session showed ways to access such symbols - simple, subtle and yet can be very effective. Thanks for organising.”

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  • Symbol to support Mental Health training – “Symbol work is applicable to all clients. I also got a better understanding of symbols in our lives. Interested to see how different age groups would do the symbol work with varying beliefs, strengths, character influences.”

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  • Sensory Processing Disorder – “Thank you for organizing this useful workshop. I am more aware of the difficulties faced by kids with sensory problems which will help me to work on appropriate interventions.”

Visual Resource Based Training
  • Managing Anxiety with Visual Tools and Experiential Approaches – “The demonstration on how to pair the Feelings cards and the Body Signals cards to the Anxiety Solutions cards was fantastic! The practical case study and sharing of the child’s team using the soft toy was creative and good as well.”

visual river.jpg
  • Cars R Us training - “The tool and training has so much potential to help dive deep into conversations, explore using different components of it instead of overwhelming self and client with all of them. It can be used in a therapeutic groupwork settings with youth-at-risk or even in a familial setting. “

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  • Bear training “Overall good and creative application and the tools. Providing a framework to use the bear cards in multiple ways.”              

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visual managing.jpg
  • River, Roads and Trains Training – Truly invaluable and beneficial. The trainer was able to engage in difficult conversations with us, listen to our needs and requests to help us grow. Wishing the course will be more familiar with those who are working in social service sector. I left the workshop feeling encouraged and enlightened

visual car.jpg
  • Strength training - “Interactive training that encourages everyone to share their thoughts. I have learnt a lot from this workshop. Enjoyed the activities as well. Great insights and sharing from trainer.”

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  • Self care training - “I found the structured process for exploring self-care very helpful. Making the concept of self-care more conscious, intentional & purposeful. It taught me to be present and envision self; strengths and attitude that can be tapped on, and the finite resources that are used.”

Customized Cluster Training
  • Contemplation Card workshop - “Lot of possibilities for discussion. An engaging session indeed! Symbols and colours speak meanings. I also learned on how to weave in CTRT and CBT with the cards and use the cards to help scaffold our convo with kids.”

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customized contemplation.jpg
  • Genogram with Timelines and Strengths- “The use of cards/figurines/timelines serve as a good way to help students visualise what they may not be able to verbalise. Thank you for the professional training. It was succinct and easy to follow.”

Card Resources
  • Stones have Feelings too!- “ This card was very effective in helping a 15 year old boy to find language for his feelings who has autism and struggles with emotional regulation and emotional connection”

card contemplation.jpg
  • Anxiety Solutions for Kids – “The card has been very helpful to reach out to students during the Home-based learning (HBL) to support students’ emotional wellbeing, to encourage them to practice self-care before their year-end examinations, PSLE and especially during the pandemic.”

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  • Contemplation Female card-  “The cards with its humanistic images make it easy for clients to view, identify and connect. It opens up the conversation for them to share their feelings and emotions.”

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Social Causes and our Involvement

At Relational Resources, we have a strong social cause to what we do. We stay true to our vision: Connecting Lives and Building Relationships. We ensure our resources and training gives back to the community. As part of our efforts to engage the community, we have worked with single mothers, seniors at nursing homes and children who experience difficulties academically, socially and emotionally, migrant workers, volunteer groups and many others. If you would like us to support your community, do reach out to us.


We take part in various conferences organized by the likes of Singapore Association for Mental Health, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, National Council of Social Services and others. We believe that by participating and introducing our resources to the public, not only do we work towards increasing a sense of social awareness towards various topics of concern but build a positive culture of care and compassion in the community. Do reach out to us, if you would like us to display / share our resources at your conferences.

Sharing Sessions

Relational Resources organizes free themed sharing sessions  on the countless possibilities of using the resources.  These sharings' are conducted by experienced professionals who are in the social work sector, counsellors in schools, career guidance coach, certified traits accessor, at-risk student trainer and parents who have used these resources at home with their children. The sharing sessions and discussions expand the potential of the participants to new dimension of exploration and expression!

Social causes
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