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Starting off with a handful of resources 11 years ago, we  have since grown to be a household brand among those in the helping profession carrying a wide range of resources consisting of books, cards, mats, plush toys and much more! All of which are carefully selected based on the constant needs of our clients. These resources are displayed in a showroom, exclusively accessible to all our clients for browsing through and exploring the different possibilities of usage.


We aspire to provide the best of experience to our clients and thus, we also have our experienced in-house consultants to guide them on the use of the resources. We combine a range of resources to offer possibilities to our clients which they appreciate. We regularly post videos on our social media (FB & IG) to show the usage of our resources for various topics e.g. depression, anxiety, family issues etc. Do check them out. 


We put in a lot of effort to search for suitable resources to support the growing needs of our clients.  All our resources go through our internal panel of experts to ensure that it suits our profile of clients.

Our customers trust our proficiency and commitment to provide quality resources. It is heart-warming to hear countless stories on how our resources have made a difference to a child (having anxiety), to an adult (with depression), a dedicated caregiver (burn out) and  an educator (making connections). 


Our resources consist of products for Social-Emotional Learning, Restorative Practices, Circle Time, Bullying Intervention Tools, Conversation Starters, Mindfulness, Self-care, Strengths, Parenting, and the list goes on!


As part of reaching out to a wider audience, we play an active role in displaying our resources at conferences. Should you be keen to collaborate with us, kindly drop us an email.


Our partners

Our suppliers are carefully selected for the range of products and suitability in our market. The products brought in are research-based and put together by a panel of experts in the area of psychology, education and counselling.  


Aiming to empower and support our customers in both resources and training, we continue to expand our range of resources from all around the world and develop the quality of delivery on experiential online /onsite workshops that are in collaboration with our suppliers – making it more relevant and meaningful in today’s time. Our partners  trust us to promote their resources and training  in professional and cost effective manner. 


One such example would be collaborating with Innovative Resources in coming up with a crowd favourite workshop called, ‘Managing Anxiety with visual tools and experiential approaches”.

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