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Our Customers


The resources we promote have found themselves in the hands of different groups of target audience.

Counsellors/ Social Workers/Psychologist/ Mental Health Workers

Counsellors, psychologists, Social workers, Mental Health Workers and therapists manage a huge range of difficult situations. Issues of grief and loss, mental health, trauma, family dynamics and navigating the ups and downs of emotions and relationships are seldom easy. Our resources can help play a part in approaching these issues with a view to generating hope and positive change.

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The resources we carry support the learning environment in the school by focusing on strengths, values, goals, solutions, team building, learning styles, relationships, leadership, pedagogy growth mindset and  emotional literacy.


We carry resources that support organizational best practices. Our resources are in the areas of motivation, team building, coaching, supervision. Innovation, creating/managing change and looking at strengths and possibilities, rather than on problems and deficits.

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Trainers and coaches who work with groups of different sizes and purposes have discovered the power of using simple hands-on ‘artifacts’, or conversation-building resources, to add energy and insights to their sessions. Our high-quality resources can play a significant role in building meaningful and engaging conversations with groups. They can also help change the pace and introduce a sense of fun and play into the training session.


It is not easy being parents. Our resources support you in this challenging  but rewarding, satisfying and meaningful role you have undertaken. You will find resources to support your child’s social emotional development, build a strong family connection based on strengths and values.

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