The Sanctuary Model

The Sanctuary Model 

The Sanctuary Model® exemplifies a theory-based, trauma-informed, trauma-responsive, evidence-supported, holistic cultural approach that has a clear and structured methodology for creating or changing organizational culture.

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It is a toolkit that alters the human mind on our harmonious efforts to work, think, act and stay together. The effectiveness of this model is heavily dependent on the ways of implementation by groups of people using it’s developed methodology.

As an organizational culture intervention, it is designed to facilitate the development of structures, processes, and behaviors on the part of clients and the community-as-a-whole that can counteract the biological, emotional, cognitive, social, and moral wounds suffered by the victims of traumatic experience and extended exposure to adversity.

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The Sanctuary Model rests on four “pillars”:

  1. Scientifically-grounded knowledge about trauma, adversity, and attachment
  2. The Sanctuary Commitments as a values-based and interactive system
  3. A Shared Language we call “S.E.L.F’.
  4. The Sanctuary Toolkit, for creating and maintaining a Sanctuary culture


With the exploration through various dimensions of this practical model, maximum potential can be achieved in maintaining a Sanctuary culture to the best of it’s capabilities. 

The Objective 

Over the course of the 30-40 years, the objective of using the method is to initiate a change that provides cohesiveness, innovation and creative context of healing from a psychological and social traumatic experience. 

The Sanctuary Model aims to teach individuals and organizations the necessary skills for creating and sustaining non-violent lives and non-violent systems and to keep believing in the unexplored possibilities of peace and well-being for all of humanity.

Our Vision

As the leading agency for The Sanctuary Model,  we aspire to support this movement by offering varied visual resources and physically executing it through the expertise of a foreign consultant together with our experienced trainers. Our Consultant and the team of trainers have many years of knowledge and experience in the field of Social Work, Counselling, Education and Organisational Psychology.


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