Testimonials on Training: 

Training: 1 -hour sharing session on Bears Cards

I am here doing the Bears Card 1-hour Session. I find that it’s really good, especially that we can help the children to see where they are in their emotional state and where they want to go. Generally, children want to be happy and feel confident. However, the current situation may be different. We are able to help the child see the transitions of emotions they go through. Where are the gaps? How do we fill the gaps? How do we move from a low-self to a more confident self?

I also realized that these cards need not be used on a one to one basis, it could be also used in a group session. ith the various images of bears shown, expressing emotions become easier for children who often find it difficult to identify their feelings with the right vocabulary. The children are able to pick it up and share their feelings.  I think today’s session was very engaging. Thank you. 

― Sharon, Customer, Public

Training: Managing Anxiety with Visual Tools and Experiential Approaches Workshop

Guaranteed to have a very enriching time during the workshop. The trainer really went into details on how to
use the various strategies. The activities were also engaging and relevant to my work.


― Workshop participant, Customer, Public

Training: Visual Therapeutic Tools for Mental Health Workshop – River, Road & Trains card

– Regarding Ms Noa Gross’s training, to me, it’s invaluable and beneficial. Coming from a different culture she was willing to engage in difficult conversations with us, listen to our needs and requests to help us grow. She made prompt readjustment to attend our needs. She is also very competent in her work. Wishing the course will be more familiar with those who are working in the social service sector.

– I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for bringing down the visual therapeutic tools
workshop. It was an enriching experience for me. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed the care that
you took to see to our needs. This is one of the best courses I have attended so far. I am excited
to attend the other course!

― Workshop participant, Customer, Public

Training: Engaging Special Needs with Art Therapy Workshop

Fantastic workshop and Dr.Sherwood was very knowledgable! Experiential aspects help to make the learning richer. Wished it could have been a longer workshop so that we could have time to process and explore further.
It was a wonderful experiential opportunity to try out personally artistic means of expression.


― Workshop participant, Customer, Public
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