Our wide range of resources consists of books, cards, mats, dolls and much more! All of which are carefully selected based on the constant needs of our clients. These resources are displayed in a showroom, exclusively accessible to all our clients for browsing through and exploring the different possibilities of usage. We aspire to provide the best of experience to our clients and thus, we also have our in-house consultants to guide them on the use of the resources. 

Our resources consist of products for Social-Emotional Learning, Restorative Practices, Circle Time, Bullying Intervention Tools, Conversation Starters, Mindfulness, Parenting, and more. Kindly drop us an email to obtain the price list and order form.

As part of reaching out to a wider audience, we play an active role in displaying our resources at conferences. Should you be keen to collaborate with us, kindly drop us an email.


Our Featured Distributors:

  • Inyahead Press

Inyahead Press

Inyahead books, cards and posters are for those caring for children and young people in schools, homes and other settings. The focus is to provide materials that help schools to promote thoughtfulness and fun, promote contemporary teaching and learning principles and practices, create environments that are protective for young people, develop the skills and strategies for young people to persevere through to well-being and success and support families and communities to nurture young people.

Commonly used for Teaching & Learning, Resilience, Circle Time, Restorative Practice, Character Education, Thinking and Strengths.


Our Resources are used by:

  • Parents
  • Schools
  • Organization
  • Trainer
  • Counsellors / Psychologist / Therapist
  • Social Worker
  • Pastoral Care (Religious)


It can sometimes be a challenge to connect with our children. These resources opens doors for meaningful conversations which in return gives a parent the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with their child. It allows parents to assist in building critical thinking skills, to identify individual and family strengths, to talk about their aspirations for the future and to manage and process different emotions. Our resources encourages you to bond closely with your loved ones and to build on your child’s self-esteem.


Every person and every school has unique and sometimes surprising strengths. Through our strengths we learn and grow. We call on our strengths, and those of others, in times of challenge and difficulty. Through our shared strengths, we help prevent bullying, and build capacity, hope and resilience for everyone. Building a culture of strengths, respect and fairness in the school community not only enhances learning, but makes it an enjoyable and accessible environment for students, staff and parents. Our wide range of resources and books has been used in various schools for Pastoral care, CCA, CCE, Circle Time Sessions, Managing Conflicts, Grief and Loss, Bullying, Self Esteem Issues, Anger Management, Stress Related Issues and more.


Our products connect with the heart of people. We carry high-quality resources that arise out of organisational best practice such as the ‘Strengths Approach’, ‘Choice Theory’ and ‘Appreciative Inquiry’. These are ways of motivating progress, building teams, encouraging innovative thinking and creating change by focussing on strengths and possibilities, rather than on problems and deficits. We can conduct lunch time talks based on our resources.


Thousands of practitioners who work with groups of all different sorts, have discovered the power of using simple hands-on ‘artifacts’, or conversation-building resources, to add energy and insights to their sessions. Our colourful, high-quality resources can play a significant role in building meaningful and engaging conversations with groups. They can also help change the pace and introduce a sense of fun and play into the room. Each of our card sets has a booklet brimming with many creative suggestions you can use or adapt for your group.

Counsellors / Psychologist / Therapist

Card sets are very useful tools for inviting reflection, conversation and hopeful possibilities to emerge. They are a way of building colour, creativity and variety into your practice—something that can inspire and energise you as well as your clients. Counsellors, psychologists and therapists are confronted by a huge range of difficult situations. Issues of grief and loss, mental health, trauma, and navigating the ups and downs of emotions and relationships are seldom easy. Our Resources can help play a part in approaching these issues with a view to generating hope and positive change.

Social Worker

Social workers in diverse roles will readily recognise the intent to embed principles of self-determination,
respect, and social justice in our card sets. Client groups may include children, families, individuals with disabilities, addictions and mental health issues and people struggling with an array of personal and social problems. All human service professions can incorporate these materials in their conversations.

Pastoral Care (Religious)

Those who work in roles that provide spiritual or pastoral support often have conversations with people about their values, hopes, challenges and ways to create a life that is meaningful to them. These subjects are natural territory for the card sets because they are designed to prompt conversation, storytelling and reflection about feelings, strengths, hopes, goals and choices.

Relational Resources

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