Drama & Movement TherapyOverviewRegister

Drama Therapy uses Sound theatre techniques to facilitate personal growth and promote mental health in individuals and groups. The use of theatrical interventions such as role-play, theatre games, group-dynamic games, mime and dance movement helps a client explore unhealthy personal patterns of behaviours, interpersonal interactions, solve a problem and achieve catharsis. Innovative sound & gesture techniques for developing boundaries / self-esteem, speaking up, & prevent bullying.

Certification in Artistic TherapiesOverviewRegister

        Our Artistic Therapy certificate gives you a  good grounding of the different modules in Art – from Sand, to Play, Colour, Clay and Drama & Movement. It is Practical and Intervention focused with case notes management.  Participants found it very useful and relevant to their area of work. They were able to apply the skills immediately the next day.    Following the completion of all 4 Modules (8 days), you will be awarded The Certification in ArtisticTherapy by Sophia College, Australia. With this, you will have the opportunity to explore further your areas of interest and take you a step further towards the Diploma in Holistic Counselling.  

Clay Work TherapyOverviewRegister

                                                  Clay is an Expressive Therapy that is a POWERFUL medium to work with clients’ core issues. Use clay to identify, transform and communicate emotions and experiences. Learn to identify and transform anger, grief and loss, parental abandonment and rejection, family systems, blocked speaking and fear. A great medium for people who cannot express themselves with words. Structured to ensure clear diagnosis, intervention & evaluations for casework documentation. You can download the brochure here.

Colour TherapyOverviewRegister

Customised TrainingsOverviewRegister

Designed to meet a group’s specific learning needs, we create customized programs that are delivered at a time and in a location that best works for you.

Play TherapyOverviewRegister


Managing Anxiety with Visual Tools and Experiential ApproachesTBC 2020OverviewRegister


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Artistic Therapy (AT)OverviewRegister

Journeying with Genogram Timelines and Strength CardsTBC 2020 OverviewRegister

Engaging Special Needs through Art Therapy by Dr. Patricia Sherwood1st April 2020OverviewRegister


Visual Therapeutic Tools WorkshopOverviewRegister

We also offer workshops catered to the particular types of visual resources that we carry – Cars R Us workshop, Visual Therapeutic Tools workshop (River, Roads and Trains), Managing Anxiety workshop and few more on topics such as Self-care,  Strengths, Mindfulness and Bears! 

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