Fostering: Then VS Now

“Being a foster care officer used to be about attending to the physical needs of the foster child. Now, we focus on things like their emotional well-being and development because we believe it helps the children become more stable and resilient,” Darshenee shared.

To help the children understand and express their emotions, she uses Kimochi toys to communicate with them. Kimochi toys are plushies with accompanying “mood” signifiers that have words and faces on either side.

Such toys are especially useful when communicating with children who have been through Trauma because some of them might not be openly comfortable with expressing how they feel.

“It is not just about providing a place to stay, giving food, love and affection for children once in a while,” Gerard shared.

“You have to think of the child as your own and do what any loving parent would do for their own child.”

Article by Olivia Lin

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